graphic designer

b. 1986, HK.

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love music love pet love typography

love fashion love color love travel


I’ve lived in many cities when I was 15. My parents sent me to study abroad. I want to thank my mom, because of her, my opportunities to see what was outside of my hometown expanded my world. I learned a lot, I explored, I was afraid, I cried. All the happiness and sadness that I have experienced with trusted beings are my treasure. I’ve become more open and have seen how my positive emotions influence others. Shy is no longer in my vocabulary so I love to make new friends, accept new things and challenge myself. I’m deeply influenced by culture, fashion, music, and art. I love working on diverse teams, sharing ideas, and different experiences.

When I look back, the challenge to constantly enrich myself and explore, strengthens my belief that there are no limitations for me to learn and discover new things along my journey.

Let’s talk and make some fresh ideas together.  Please contact me at, my phone number is 626.662.8766.